One Semester Courses

Broad teaching experience in biology at both undergraduate and graduate levels since 1969 including introductory biology (121, 122), introductory botany (225), survey of the animal kingdom (241), genetics (252), mammalian anatomy and physiology (341, 342), developmental biology (352, 567), evolutionary biology (455).

Philosophy of science (342) taught every other year since 1987, History of Science (341) since 2003. Some teaching in chemistry at the introductory undergraduate level.

Independent Studies

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Bio 486:    H. Wind. "Limnology of Hamilton Harbour", 1990-91. (with Mr. M. Charlton, Canadian Centre for Inland Waters).

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Phi 486:    S. Baarda. "On Knowledge." 1993.

Bio 486:    J. Vandeputte.  "Annual Fishes and their Developmental Adaptations to the Environment."  1994.

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Bio 48X:    D. Reilly.  "The Biological Mechanisms of Aging in Animals."  1995.

Bio 486:    M. van der Meer.  "The Genetics of the Human MHC."  1995.

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Bio 486:    F. Holowenko.  "Whole-whole and Part-whole Relations in Mutualism."  1996.

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Bio 486:    K. VanderStoep. “Mimicry: The Art of Biological Impersonation.” 1999.

Bio 485:    R. E. Wallace: “Tumour suppressor genes and their control of the cell cycle.” 2003.

Rel 486:   R. Oosterhoff. “Luther, Calvin, and the Rise of Modern Science: Testing the Harrison Hypothesis.” 2005.

His 341:   N. Ellens; History of Science course by letter of permission from McMaster University. 2006.