Jitse M. van der Meer was born in 1947 in The Netherlands. His interest in the engagement of religion and science was triggered in highschool by Nicolaas Rupke, now a professor in the history of science. Rupke introduced him to the controversies surrounding creation and evolution. This interest expanded into the philosophy of science during his undergraduate study in biology at the State University of Groningen (1966-69). Reading Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s Die Philosophie des Lebendigen was another pivotal experience. It confirmed a suspicion that he was a philosopher-biologist.

M.A. (History & Philosophy of Science), University of Guelph. Ontario. Canada.

Ph.D. (Biology), Catholic University. Nymegen. NL. Thesis:  "Region Specific Cell Differentiation During Early Insect Development."

M.Sc. (Biology), State University of Utrecht. Utrecht. N.L. Subjects: Experimental embryology, theoretical biology, biophysical chemistry, general zoology. Thesis:  "Patroonvorming en patroonregulatie tydens de embryogenese van insekten."

B.Sc.  (Biology), State University of Groningen.  Groningen.  N.L.

Diploma Christelijk Lyceum. Groningen.  N.L.

Full professor of Biology and History & Philosophy of Science (with tenure).  Redeemer University College. Canada.

Co-founder and Director, Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science.

Associate professor of biology.  Redeemer College.  Canada.

Assistant professor of biology.  Redeemer College.  Canada.

Assistant professor of biology and chemistry.  Redeemer College.  Canada.

Visiting assistant professor of biology.  Purdue University.  Indiana.  U.S.A.

Research scientist.  Purdue University.

Postdoctoral research associate.  Purdue University.

Postdoctoral research fellow.  University of Heidelberg.  FRG.

Research associate.  Catholic University of Nijmegen. N.L.

Areas of competence: zoology, cell biology, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, history and philosophy of biology, and interaction of science & religion.

Areas of expertise: embryonic pattern formation, the history of 19th and 20th-century biology,  and cognitive interactions between scientific and religious knowledge.

Current Research Interests: history of engagement of scripture interpretation and science, history and philosophy of 19th & 20th century biology (G. Cuvier, T. Dobzhansky), theoretical biology (hierarchy theory).

Society for Developmental Biology Inc.

International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology

International Society for Hermeneutics and Science

History of Science Society 

The Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation

European Society for the Study of Science and Theology

Evangelical Theological Society

Calvin College Seminars in Christian Scholarship: “Nature in Belief.”

Templeton-Oxford Seminar on Science & Christianity.

Templeton Prize for Courses in Science and Religion.  Awarded for a course in the Philosophy of Science 342.

Howard Vollum Writing Award for 1996 of the Institute for Christian Leadership.  Awarded for "The Struggle Between Christian Theism, Metaphysical Naturalism and Relativism: How to Proceed in Science?"  Faculty Dialogue 26, 1996.

The Gold Medal of the Second Society of the Teyler Foundation, The Netherlands. Awarded for research on segment pattern development in early insect embryos.